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Music In School Project

#MusicInSchoolProject #PartTimeWork In 2012, the IDC introduced the Social Enterprise Programme to support those enterprises that focus on “doing good” rather than maximising profit. Social enterprises are businesses with social missions and trade to tackle social and environmental problems, and improve lives of people and communities, often the most vulnerable.

The creative industries, especially music, have never taken advantage of these opportunities and support.

Downtown Music Hub as a special purpose vehicle supported by the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture partnered with the Johannesburg Inner City Partnership plus other NPOs to unlock some of these opportunities.

When the musician is not on stage or at the rehearsal … where else can they be?
Well, at Downtown Music Hub, we believe they should be sharing their talent with kids that are willing to learn. It seems that the schools around Johannesburg like the idea of musicians teaching music part-time.

How do we do this? To teach kids, there is a patience that is required. More than talented musicians, we need people with a passion for kids. This is a 9 month programme that you can consider part-time work whilst you wait for the gig over the weekend and between rehearsals.

Some of the schools have never had a music programme so no instruments exists there. In those schools, we would like to see a choir or something similar. The idea is to introduce music and get as many talented and passionate musicians participating – learners and professionals. Our target is 200 musicians in 10 schools. We have the schools and now want more musicians. We hope that this programme will grow and go into many more schools. All will be closely monitored.

REGISTER ON: by filling your details – adding the music and video where possible. If you are unemployed with an education qualification and a musician … well you are an ideal.


This is opportunity for part-time work related to what you do.

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