Studio 2

20 m² 30 people from R440 per hour


Studio 2 is Jozi’s very own “Hit Factory” and those in the know travel from far and wide to record here.

To some it’s a sacred place and for others it’s all about the fun had when recording in it’s live rooms or just shooting the breeze in it’s legendary control room.

While we’ve upgraded the other studios here at The Hub, this one has been left untouched – it has a certain Mojo that you really have to experience at least once in your artistic career!

The live room, like Studio One is divided into a couple of distinct spaces. We’ve got a brighter sounding 6,2 x 3,4m area that is isolated from the main 7,6 x 6,5m space, with a large piece of glass which allows for the great sight-lines that are fundamental to the way we record here at DownTown.

Engineers will also appreciate our “amp corral” with it’s large-swinging doors which offers some great additional isolation of loud sound sources, yet keeps them all sounding in the same space – great if you want a cohesive-sounding recording. Add to this x6 large BBC-style Gobo’s and you’ve got one super-versatile recording space… alive with possibilities.

Studio 2 is affectionately known by our staff as the Stimela Studio, as this express train hardly ever pulls into the station for a rest – book today to avoid disappointment!

Minimum Booking

2 hr minimum


waiting area, kitchen, fridge, parking nearby, bathrooms

Studio Rules

No smoking, drinking or eating inside the studio.
No weapons allowed.
All equipment brought to the studio must be declared at the security desk.


Bogner Shiva w/ 4×12 Cab
Union Jack HG #1 w/ 4×12 Cab
Fender Super Reverb
Vox AC30 Handwired

Tama Starclassic Performer 5 piece
Pearl Eliminator Pedal
throne, Hihats, Ride, Two Crashes

Yamaha EMX 5000 20 Channel Mixer
JBL Speakers
Mackie 450 Floor Monitor
Shure Beta & SM58 Microphones

Ronald “Juno-DI”
Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage
Yamaha Upright Stage Acoustic

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