Recording Studios

Studio 1

from R550 per hour

A spacious control room and large versatile studio area make this flagship studio ideal for large ensembles and for all that appreciate the value of having some air around their notes. The main room is divided into two separate spaces, with a brighter sounding (7,2 x 4,7 meter) space connected to the larger (11,4 x 10,4 meter) tracking area with clear lines of sight.

30 m² 70 people

Studio 2

from R440 per hour

Studio 2 is Jozi’s very own “Hit Factory” and those in the know travel from far and wide to record here. To some it’s a sacred place and for others it’s all about the fun had when recording in it’s live rooms or just shooting the breeze in it’s legendary control room.

20 m² 30 people

Studio 3

from R420 per hour

Studio Three has undergone a major refurbishment over the last few years and is perfectly poised to host your next overdub or final mix project. The studio is based around two small-to-mid-sized booths which are isolated from each other and are perfect for vocal overdubs, ADR, or tracking of small ensembles who don’t necessarily require the space that our bigger studios offer.

10 m² 10 people
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