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Downtown Music Hub (DTMH) is, among other things, a landmark recording facility located in the heart of Johannesburg, with more than 40 years of rich history and top charting records. Downtown Studios has been offering artists a truly inspirational and openly creative space for decades.

We offer cutting-edge recording facilities for pre-production and post-production of music, film and other creative products. The Hub aims to constructively contribute towards the upliftment of professional skills of artists, producers, writers, engineers, and many others within the music industry value chain.

Being an NPC, established for the positive transformation of the music industry, DTMH operates in partnership with all its stakeholders. These include clients, tenants, service providers, investors, employees, board members, and the community, all of whom have influence over, and an interest in the DTMH


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DownTown Music Hub is home to award winning and highly accomplished engineers in the country.

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The HUB has recorded, hosted many clients over its +40 years of existence.

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