Book a Studio

DownTown Music Hub will initiate all refunds, fees, or applicable payments in accordance with this policy. We also reserve the right to collect any fees for cancellations in accordance with this Booking Cancellation Policy.

Minimum 2 hours can be booked at a time.


Booking request pending

Full refund and all platform fees refunded

30+ days prior to booking start time


15 – 29 calendar days to booking start time


14 days or less to booking start time


The only time the above Cancellation Policy fees may be waived or exemptions made is when mutually agreed upon by both parties in the booking agreement and DownTown Music Hub. We encourage both parties in booking agreements to communicate and work through any potential scheduling issues or cancellations directly and immediately. This ensures the a mutually beneficial outcome in a timely manner. In the event that a cancellation needs to be made, please also immediately notify

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